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6 steps to optimize your mobile ultrasound business startup strategy.

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Starting any business takes a lot of planning, and I absolutely love giving this community the tools, tips, and tricks you need to ensure you have things in place to make informed decisions on your next steps.

Having a strategy in place is crucial when starting a new business. Today, I'm chatting the 6 steps to optimizing your startup strategy in the mobile ultrasound industry. From business plans to vendors, I'm dishing the details on having the right plan in place.

Heres' a summary of what I'll discuss on this podcast today. You can listen above on this page, or on Apple Podcasts or Stitcher or watch on YouTube. Enjoy! And as always, let me know what questions you have.

Til next week!


>> 0:43 - Intro to Step 1 - Understanding your market

>> 1:08 - Intro to Step 2 - Legal Implications & Business Setup

>> 2:21 - Intro to Step 3 - Have a Marketing Plan

>> 3:17 - Intro to Step 4 - Partnering with the right Vendors

>> 3:40 - Intro to Step 5 - Ultrasound Equipment

>> 4:46 - Intro to Step 6 - Have an Implementation Plan for after you close the


>> 5:36 - Deep dive into Market Analysis and how to find the info

>> 6:57 - Setting your pricing structure

>> 8:32 - Deep dive into creating a Business Plan - details on the sections it should include

>> 16:16 - Discussing legal implications and the best business setup to comply

>> 17:03 - How you should charge the doc

>> 17:46 - Importance of Contracts

>> 18:49 - Legal implications for outside interpretations

>> 20:37 - Importance of having a marketing plan in place, and the 5-step process we teach our students

>>24:13 - Vendors you'll need to partner with for your business

>> 30:36 - Ultrasound equipment - things to note when starting your biz

>> 32:49 - Importance of having an implementation plan and scheduling implementation meetings with new clients

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