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Sales & Marketing Strategies for the Mobile Ultrasound Industry

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I put a poll on Instagram and Facebook the other day to let you guys decide what our next Podcast topic should be. (PS -if you’re not following me, head over there and do so!) Overwhelmingly, the choice was to hear more about sales and marketing.

So, today we are going to do a mini-course on Sales & Marketing strategies for the mobile ultrasound industry. We delve super deep into these marketing strategies for our Ultrasound Business Academy students, but I want to give you an overview of what this looks like out in the real world, and what you should be doing out there when you’re working on gaining new physician clients.

In this training, I'll go over the 5 Sales & Marketing Strategy Steps we teach our students. You can listen here on this page, on Apple Podcast & Stitcher, or check out my video training on YouTube.

Here's a preview of what I speak about on the training:

>> 0:57 - Business Overview

>> 2:11 - Average revenue you can expect as a mobile provider

>> 3:58 - Legal review and the importance of contracts

>> 7:01 - Where to spend your marketing dollars

>> 8:04 - Intro to the 5-step sales process we teach our students, and an overview

of how docs usually book meetings

>> 10:08 - Average marketing budget

>> 11:16 - Step 1: Prospecting // Best docs to target

>> 14:37 - Step 2: Physician Meeting

>> 16:13 - Overview of the points to include in your sales pitch

>> 18:25 - Answering a major question I've been getting lately - "Should I start a

mobile ultrasound business in the current climate we are having with

this pandemic?"

>> 21:03 - Overview of how insurance payments work for patients. (Need further

info on this? Check out this BLOG POST.)

>> 22:46 - Step 3: Discovery Process

>> 24:44 - Step 4: How to put together a Revenue Analysis for your physician


>> 25:35 - Quick overview on how radiology/cardiology interpretation payments


>> 26:42 - Step 5: Closing the Contract

>> 28:58 - Overview of the 5-Step Sales Process

>> 30:42 - Suggestions on making a smooth transition into operations after you

close a contract

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