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Client Spotlight: Payton Bean


Hearing how others have taken their dream and made it a reality is such a driving force when considering your own business. This week on the podcast we are spotlighting my client, Payton Bean.

Having put in the hard work and dedication following our coaching program, he has the successful business to prove it. Listen in as he tells you the struggles he faced in the beginning, why he opted for a coach, and the advice he gives those considering starting a mobile ultrasound business.

Enjoy! We had so much fun creating this week's episode :)

- jennifer

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1 Comment

Ileana Roig
Ileana Roig
Oct 19, 2021

Great to hear the experience of another sonographer. The only things that’s bother is hear the voice of the person at same time ( Jennifer) when he’s talking. when she talks, he don’t interrupt at all. Sorry for saying this. Im very interesting in create my own bussiness.

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